Benefit to our Clients

By virtue of the fact that we are a multi-skilled group (Project, Process, Mechanical, Piping, Instrument, Electrical and Civil/Structural engineering, all under one roof), we can offer our client a complete engineering solution.

By employing a core permanent staff we are able to staff our project teams with individuals that are committed to the values that LogiProc aspire to. In general, project managers, site managers, lead engineers and drawing office managers will be sourced from our permanent staff with non-managerial posts being filled by contracting personnel. We also contract in specialists in particular fields as and when we need them.

Procurement, project accounting, commercial and administrative functions are handled by employees working in these departments on a permanent basis.


While LogiProc is large enough to satisfy most of the clients engineering needs, a very competitive cost is always presented. This is achieved by:

  • Ensuring that the group overheads are kept to a minimum.
  • A good working relationship has been established with all of the regular sub-contractors & suppliers, ensuring that the best prices and services are obtained.
  • Ensuring that the job is done correctly the first time, avoiding costly commissioning changes.

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